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Single-gender schooling has proven to be beneficial for the development of males in a number of ways.
Male Business and Leadership Preparatory School
The Academy of Kings: Male Business and Leadership Prep Schools were created to develop our nation's most distinct and equipped leaders. We take pride in creating an educational atmosphere that embeds economic savvy and leadership into the heart of our curriculum.

Our schools are private entities, specializing in secondary education for grades 6-12. Our approach is integrative to the community, and very attractive to local businesses, community leaders, and investors. Our model intertwines core curriculum, business/ entrepreneurship, and leadership.
Who Do We Serve
We serve the future male leaders of America. These males have an agenda to intentionally maximize their potential, and become highly productive males, with distinguishing traits of influence in their desired field of expertise. 

Our families understand the importance of instilling a business mindset and leadership principles in their youth from an early age. 
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Purpose-driven Servant Leaders
The core of our conviction is that every male was created to be a leader. We believe that by educating and equipping the youth male, we help him to become the purpose-driven servant-leader he was designed to be. It is our conviction that only when life is viewed from the perspective of a servant-leader can a male actually fulfill the duty he was created for. His most noble task is tending to the wellbeing of those that have given him the privilege of leading them.

Our preparatory schools offer extra amenities such as Chess and Debate Teams. These programs help our male scholars prepare for leadership on the most elite platforms.
Did You Know...?
Chess is scientifically proven to promote brain growth, increase strategical thinking, enhance problem-solving skills, increase creativity, improve reading skills, optimize memory development, improve Alzheimer's, and help recovery from strokes or disabilities.

Debate helps to eliminate the fear of public speaking, which is rated 3rd amongst the top fears of people after heights and snakes. Other benefits include gaining broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside the learner's normal academic subjects. It also drastically increases a learners' confidence, poise, and self-esteem.
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Learn from Experts
Our parents understand the necessity of having business savvy to be able to compete in today's job market. Unlike the past, having a degree is not the separating factor in who gets employment. This means our youth have to be equipped and exposed to true market experts as early and often as possible. We make this a reality!
Education is derived from the latin word "Educo", which means "to draw out of; pull from." This definition infers that the core foundation of education is in one learning about themselves. In developing the male, we must educate him in the primary components of his genetic make-up and spiritual authority. The three components of a male are: PRIEST, PROTECTOR, and PROVIDER. The Academy of Kings curriculum is designed to engage with the core of males to instill and cultivate the growth of these characteristics.  
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We attract highly motivated males with a desire to fulfill their call of purpose. Our specialization in grooming youth males through education and exposure is unmatched. Our secret lies in our unique ability to blend leadership, success principles, and economic savvy together in a way that youth males are consistently engaged and empowered. 
Quality business and leadership are two pillars evident in every thriving economy.  Our commitment to educating, training, and developing youth males in these skills and abilities will ensure future success for our families.  With access to certified professionals and staff, aspiring male leader have the opportunity to capitalize on a strong community network and quality education.  With this knowledge and understanding we help our future leaders maintain and develop a world they will soon inherit.


Entrepreneurship 101

Monthly Field Trips

Small Business Experience

Guest Speakers

Personal Finance Education

Stocks and Investments


Student Government Association

Debate Team and Public Speaking

High-Performance Leadership 

Community-based Projects

Etiquette Courses

Personality Assessments 
Marq Neasman Sr.
Marq Neasman Sr. is the Founder of The Academy of Kings Preparatory School.

It is his obsession to extract the greatness from young men by optimizing their minds and helping them to walk in purpose.  It is this obsession that will bring about great change in our family, business, and nation alike.

Mr. Neasman is a husband, father, and author of The 4 Stages of Manhood.  
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