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"We focus on what we are good at; and that's transforming boys to men, and men to leaders; servant leaders."- Marq Neasman Sr.
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Who Are We
"Academy of Kings Preparatory School is an all-male, private day school, located in Orlando, FL. Coined as the "School for Gentlemen".  Apart from our bold slogan, "We Breed Kings!", our distinction lies in a razor-sharp focus on developing young men in mind, body, and spirit.

We were created for one reason; to develop our nation's most distinct male leaders. We honor the diligence of creating an educational atmosphere that embeds financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership into the heart of our curriculum.  The rigor of our curriculum and vocation pathways mandates that young men establish a strong sense of confidence, identity, and self-sufficiency.

AOK was birthed out of a clear vision to change the world through impacting young men in education, and provide an experience that goes beyond basic common core standards of learning. We focus on teaching our scholars how to think; not what to think, all while providing a stimulating, fun environment for our families, scholars, and staff.
Who Do We Serve
We serve the future male leaders of America. We serve the young men with an agenda to intentionally maximize their potential, and become highly productive citizens, with distinguishing traits of influence in their desired field of expertise. 

Our families understand the importance of instilling principles of manhood business and leadership in their sons from an early age.  
Request your brochure to learn more about the opportunities at Central Florida's #1 All-Male private school.
"Every male was created to be a leader, and by educating and equipping him, we drastically increase the likelihood of thriving families, and reigning nations."- Dr. Myles Munroe
Critical Components of a Leader
Our preparatory school offer extra amenities such as Sports, Student Government, Chess, and Debate Teams. These programs help our male scholars prepare for leadership on the most elite platforms.
Fun Fact: Did You Know...?
Chess is scientifically proven to promote brain growth, increase strategic thinking, enhance problem-solving skills, increase creativity, improve reading skills, optimize memory development, improve Alzheimer's, and help recovery from strokes or disabilities.

Speech and Debate helps to eliminate the fear of public speaking, which is rated 3rd amongst the top fears of people after heights and snakes. Other benefits include gaining broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside the learner's normal academic subjects. It also drastically increases a learners' confidence, poise, and self-esteem.
"I mean to make myself a man, and if I succeed in that, I shall succeed in everything else."- President James A. Garfield
Our parents understand the necessity of having business savvy to be able to compete in today's job market. Unlike the past, having a degree is not the separating factor in who gets employment. This means our youth have to be equipped and exposed to true market experts as early and often as possible. We make this a reality!

Many collegiate courses do not help scholars to actually implement the concepts of business and entrepreneurship on the scale we do, and we are very pleased with our ability to help young men get results, and drive sales. 
Request your brochure to learn more about the opportunities at Central Florida's #1 all-male preparatory school.






The concept of "Kingdom Living" is not present in everyday society. A KINGDOM is any person, or people, governed by laws and belief.  At it most basic level, we can see the structure of a kingdom in the family home.  We are a team of kingdom-minded leaders, teaching life through the concept of kingdom only makes sense if our job is to breed kings (servant-leaders).  The grooming of a king is of utmost importance when kingdom is the discussion at hand.    

The purpose of AOK is to develop our nation’s most distinct leaders.  We attract parents that believe in the biblical PURPOSE over the man’s life and want to see this actualized in their home. We are a purpose-driven company, with purpose-driven leaders, serving purpose-driven families.  The purpose of a male is for him to fulfill his call in three primary areas of life; priest, protector, provider. 

It is our fundamental truth that every male is a leader.  So LEADERSHIP should be of utmost importance to every man. Our mentor, Dr. John Maxwell often says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Show me your leader and I’ll show you your future”. What he is saying is that leaders hold the power to dictate outcomes on the behalf of people. This is a fundamental truth that we often fail to honor.  Here is a blatant truth about manhood and leadership:  No one needs men that are good leaders more than the family household. History has shown that nations thrive when men of high moral character are in a seat of authority.  

The area of SERVICE is what excites us the most.  Service is the magic elixir to transformation in people.  It is also where purpose is manifested.  Service is the lifeblood of influence.  Service is the byproduct of love.  Service is actionable proof of faith and hope.  Service for others is the only reason we are here. Our ability to help our scholars view themselves as servant-leaders is what makes AOK so significant.

For us, SUCCESS is simple. We realize that men are most successful, and fulfilled, when they actualize their purpose as a Priest, Protector, and Provider.  We will be honest.  Our work is not easy, but the reward of growing powerful young men is worth it.  We are well aware that hard work without prosperity breeds resentment.  We are also aware that everyone only does anything they do because they are seeking some form of self-gratification known as success. 




The primary three elements that make The Academy of Kings unique are the same elements that make strong men and high-performance leaders.  Our three uniques; manhood, business, and leadership, all derive from a concept known as "The Three P's".  The Three P's represent the vital components of every male.  


PRIEST = Man of God, student and teacher of principles

PROTECTOR = Leader, warrior and steward

PROVIDER = Servant, entrepreneur, businessman

It is our firm belief that any one without the other results in an incomplete man. 

You may see another school doing one of these components, maybe even two.  But we guarantee you will not encounter another school achieving in the same areas as AOK.  
Success favors those that take action!  Download your brochure today, and start your son's journey from boy to man.

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"The single most powerful asset we have is our mind.  If it is trained well, it can create wealth in what seems to be an instant."- Robert Kiyosaki
We attract and retain highly motivated young men with a desire to fulfill maximize their potential and master success. 

Our specialization in grooming youth males through education and exposure is unmatched. Our secret lies in our unique ability to blend leadership, success principles, and economic savvy together in a way that the vast majority of our education system is still trying to conceptualize.   

More importantly, we are proud to say our scholars are consistently engaged and empowered. 
Quality business and leadership are two pillars evident in every thriving economy.  Our commitment to educating, training, and developing youth males in these skills and abilities will ensure future success for our families.  With access to certified professionals and staff, aspiring male leader have the opportunity to capitalize on a strong community network and quality education.  With this knowledge and understanding we help our future leaders maintain and develop a world they will soon inherit.

Below we have listed some of our courses that are provided to scholars in our Business Leadership and Standard Leadership Pathways:


Entrepreneurship 101

Monthly Field Trips

Small Business Development

Events and Guest Speakers

Personal Finance Education

Stocks and Investments


Student Government Association

Debate Team and Public Speaking

High-Performance Leadership 

Community-based Projects

Etiquette Courses

Personality Assessments 
Still not convinced? No worries, schedule a 15 minute informational with our Help Desk to answer any questions. 



We are extremely proud of the fact that our focused structure and curriculum has resulted in gains of 30% minimum, across all grade levels. This correlates to an increase of at least 1.5 points on your scholar's GPA. 

When charted agains male scholars in neighboring schools, we outperform them consistently. (Source FLDOE, 2021)
Marq Neasman Sr.
Marq Neasman Sr. is the Founder of The Academy of Kings Preparatory School.

It is his obsession to extract the greatness from young men by optimizing their minds and helping them to walk in purpose.  It is this obsession that will bring about great change in our family, business, and nation alike.

Mr. Neasman is a husband, father, and author of The 4 Stages of Manhood.  
Dr. Andrew Rumbaugh
Dr. Andrew Rumbaugh is the Head Master of Faith Christian Academy, and has been a spearhead figure in the birth of the Academy of Kings.

Dr. Rumbaugh brings more than 25+ years of educational background to his role as a private school Administrator.  

He holds a B.S. in Music Education, an M.A. in Christian School Administration and a Ph.D. in Christian School Leadership. He is married to Karen Rumbaugh, and has two sons, two daughters and a daughter-in-law. 
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